Super-Low Cooling Towers for Basements and Parking Lots

Features YWCT Super-Low Cooling Towers for Basements and Parking Lots

  • Lowest profile as required  
  • Easy maintenence 
  • Assembled on site 

Type: Crossflow
Material: Galvanized steel
Air flow: Forced draft YWCT Super-Low Cooling Towers for Basements and Parking Lots
Capacity: 100,000 - 2,000,000 kcal/hr per cell 
Water flow: 20 - 300 m³/hr per cell 
Industries: HVAC


In some cases the only place in which the cooling towers required for the process/HVAC system can be positioned, is the basement of the building or an underground parking lot. Since the total height of basements and parking lots is limited in general, special cooling towers should be designed in these cases. YWCT special solution for this challenge is based on crossflow cooling towers in a forced draft appearance. This configuration enables to design very low profile cooling towers. The number of cooling towers and their height is dictated by the conditions on site. The cooling towers are designed to fit standard containers.



  • Polypropylene fill for high-temperature water 
  • Low-noise fans 
  • Complementary subsystems: filtration system, water treatment system, heat exchangers, VFD
  • Fiberglass structure
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