Field-Assembled Degasifiers


  • Degasifiers made of concrete cement cylinder tanks
  • Typical gases to be removed: SO2, H2S, SO3, and CO2
  • Custom designed up to 14 m diameter

Air flow: Counterflow
Water flow: up to 10,000 m³/hr per degasifier
Fill: PVC


For large-scale projects (e.g., desalination plants), air strippers made of concrete cement are the best solution, as their atmospheric distribution systems minimize the required head pump and energy cost, while the effective PVC fill reduces the size of the required tank. Forced-draft centrifugal fans blow air into the degasifier. YWCT provides its customers with scale drawings of the concrete cement structure, including locations and production drawings of all pipe fittings in 2- or 3-D. While construction is taking place, all relevant parts are being purchased or manufactured and sent to the job site. When the structure is ready, YWCT’s assembly teams install the degasifier or air stripper on site, furnishing it with fill, fan, and motor unit until it is operational.



  • Pultruded FRP hand rails and ladders
  • Up to 99.8% gas removal
  • Turnkey project


YWCT Field-Assembled Degasifiers made of concrete cement cylinder tanks  
   YWCT Field-Assembled Degasifiers
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