About YWCT

YWCT has been designing and manufacturing cooling towers made of FRP, cement, and steel for almost 50 years. During this period, YWCT has established its reputation as a credible professional cooling tower supplier for the industrial market.


YWCT is more than an equipment supplier. Its project-wide orientation makes it the perfect partner for leading EPCMs and turnkey contractors. In YWCT , such companies have a long-term partner on which they can rely and with whom they can consult; a partner who meets the high standards of their end users; and that takes into account not only the obvious considerations of price and capacity, but also the operational aspects and usability of its products. At YWCT , we meet or surpass the highest standards of the industry.


It’s All About Approach
operations are project-oriented. From the initial RFQ till the cooling tower is installed on site, we approach each project individually, no matter how big or small. We offer our customers a complete service package, including:

  • Full thermal rating of the specific design conditions of the project,
    including “what-if” scenarios and water loss calculations
  • Assistance in choosing the optimal configuration for the specific project in terms of cooling tower type, materials selection,
    and subsystems suppliers 
  • Taking responsibility for associated systems such as pumps, filtering
    system, water treatment system, electric and control panels, and heat exchangers 
  • Depicting the cooling tower and all other components in 3D 
  • Providing a detailed P&ID for the designed systems 
  • Manufacturing the cooling tower (or system) as per a customer-approved drawing 
  • Designing piping streamline 
  • Designing (if needed) concrete cement structure 
  • Running finite element analyses for the specific cooling tower as
    per the regulation in the destination country 
  • Sending our field team to assist or lead installation on site

Custom vs Standard
specializes in customizing cooling towers and degasifiers to meet project needs, tailoring the right solution to meet the specific requirements of our customers.  Below please find a link to our catalog in which you’ll find series of models being used as the bases for required changes.

About YWCT Cooling Towers  
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